Is it just me or have you noticed that lately in the St Cloud area there have been a lot of domestic assaults. It seems every morning in our news there are at least one to three, sometimes more, domestic assault stories.


Is it alcohol, meth, etc that causes this to happen? Could it be the heat?  Maybe the economy? Whatever the reason, it's a sad state of affairs, no pun intended.

I guess I just don't understand how people that claim to love each other can unleash such a primitive action toward there mate. It's not just men. Women are often guilty of domestic assault, too.

I was raised that is never, ever okay to hit a woman or anyone, for that matter.  Tempers flare, sure, but to resort to physical violence is a bit on the primitive side.

If you are ever in a domestic situation where you fear for your safety, please seek help from Social Services or from one of many organizations that can get you some help. I realize there are situations where one can feel like they can't leave for a variety of reasons. Money, kids, etc. Emotional abuse is just as bad.

One thing is almost for certain, no matter how sorry the abuser claims to be, chances are they will do it again and the abuse may become even more severe.

So, if you're in this situation, get help. please!

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