Cooking an entire meal in a dishwasher.  Why would this ever be necessary?  I could see during a power outage- nope, still needs power.  How about if the over, stove, toaster oven, and any other possible thing you could think of is out, then maybe last resort would be to cook in the dishwasher????  I don't get it.

But apparently it's a trend that is being tried.  maybe it's because it's one of those things where you're can say- everything was cooked in the dishwasher!  Just to be able to say that.  And again, why??  It's weird.

Not only that, but it would take some effort to do so.  Like look at the video- everything has to be in air-tight, dishwasher safe containers.  And honestly, where would you be when you would have access to a dishwasher and not a stove/oven??

I see no point to this other than again, being able to say "Guess what?  Everything was cooked in the dishwasher!"  Then listen to the oohs and ahhs.

Oh- and in other news, does it freak anyone else out that the dishwasher gets so hot that it can cook food?


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