I love to watch James Bond movies. I’m not the “historian” of the series or character like some people, I just enjoy the movies. Especially the earlier ones. Sean Connery is the ultimate Bond, James Bond in my opinion. 

Photo Credit- Amazon.com
Photo Credit- Amazon.com

One of the reasons I love the movies is the inventions of “Q”, the tech master that hooks Bond up with all the neat gadgets he uses to fight evil. The earlier movies were made when technology that was available to the public had not caught up to the movies, which made the inventions seem impossible. 

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Nowadays, technology has caught up with the movies and then some. To prove the point, one of the latest inventions from Ray-Ban Sunglasses, The Ray-Ban Meta. 

These new glasses look like a normal pair of Ray-Ban's with the exception they have a little camera in each upper corner. It’s like having Go-Pro cameras in your glasses, very James Bond like.  

The cameras will flash when they’re taking a photo, or they pulse when they are recording a video. To be even more James Bond like, the Ray-Ban Meta’s respond to voice commands as well. 

According to morningbrew.com, you can speak out loud to send a text to someone or give the command to make a call.  

Ray-Ban announced last week that they soon the specs will use Meta’s Artificial Intelligence to translate languages in real time, come up with humorous photo captions, even help someone pick out what to wear. 

The website morningbrew.com says that if these glasses are successful, this could lead to more AR and VR wearable devices in the mainstream marketplace. VR headsets and similar equipment have slowed in sales over the last few years, dropping 40% since last year.  

These new sunglasses will sell for right around $300 and are available online at ray-ban.com. 

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