If you had the chance to borrow the ear of a real sitting U.S. president and could only ask him one question that every American was dying to know the truth about, what would it be? Will Smith’s oldest son Jaden got that chance, and completely failed. 

His topic of choice, however, made his famous father blush. Jaden wanted to know if the government was covering up the existence of aliens.

Smith said on BBC Radio while conveniently doing some early press rounds for his new film ‘Men in Black 3′ that the entire Smith clan got a rare opportunity to tour the White House with Pres. Barack Obama. Smith knew his son wanted to ask Obama about aliens but forbade him from embarrassing him in the nation’s most famous mansion.

When the group got to the situation room, Jaden just couldn’t stop himself from popping the question. Smith said he knew it was coming and was powerless to stop it.

So we get into the situation room and Jaden gets the look in his eyes and he leans over to me and asks, ‘Dad, What’s my punishment?’”

Apparently, Jaden never got to actually ask the question because even the president could tell it was coming. Smith said just as Jaden was about to ask, Obama stopped him, looked at him and uttered, “The aliens, right?”

Of course, the president could “neither confirm nor deny the existence of extra-terrestrials,” but he did say that no meeting on the subject had ever taken place in the situation room since he took office.

Smith didn’t say what Jaden’s punishment was for defying his father’s wishes. We’d say a ‘Karate Kid’ sequel would be punishment enough.

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