It all comes down to this: it's Super Bowl week, and Minnesota has a chance to come away with a big victory. Well, a Minnesotan.

And not a Lombardi Trophy, but possibly a lot of money.

Kiera Morris will represent the purple & gold on tonight's (2/8/24) episode of Wheel of Fortune. It's the NFL Superfan Tournament this week at the Wheel, and Skol Nation is represented. Break the curse, Kiera!

No pressure.

Recent Minnesotans on Wheel of Fortune

May 24th, 2023
This episode featured four Minnesotans on the same episode of the Wheel. Barb (St Cloud) and her granddaughter Hayden (Blaine) left with $31,000 and a trip to the Bahamas.

November 13th, 2023
Twin sisters Karen and Kay of Maple Grove won $27,150

May 18th, 2023
Sandy (Breezy Point) won $12,000

November 7th, 2022
Tim Johnson (Sauk Rapids) won $39,000 in cash and prizes, including a Caribbean vacation

Wheel of Fortune Frequently Asked Questions

  • 6 episodes are taped in a single day, featuring two separate audiences
  • host Pat Sajak does hit Bankrupt or Lose a Turn on the Final Spin, but he'll re-spin and the previous spin is edited out of the televised product
  • host Pat Sajak and legendary letter-turner (now letter-pusher) Vanna White assist with creating the puzzles.
  • a lot of the prize money comes from the licensing fees that TV stations pay to air the show
  • there's been one "clean sweep" in the show's history. Fred Fletcher-Johnson solved every puzzle as well as the bonus round on the March 21st, 2023 episode to claim $75,800 in cash and prizes
  • the biggest prize total ever belongs to Autumn Erhard, who won $1,030,340 after winning the $1 million prize solving the bonus round.
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