As heard on the January 26th show:


1. Zoo Offers Unique Way to Get Even With Ex

Had an ugly break-up lately?  The San Francisco Zoo has an offer for you.  In honor of Valentines Day you can "adopt" a hissing cockroach or a giant scorpion and in honor of an ex special someone.  The zoo sends a certificate and stuffed stinger to the person who inspired the donation.  Charming.





2. Wheel Of Fortune Stupidity

The answer is NOT "The Pointed Desert" no matter how many times you say it LOL.  Not only does this guy shout the same wrong answer as the contestant before him, but then he doubled down on it.





3. Crazy Things Found By the TSA

No one loves the TSA, but you have to love the fact that they did stop over 2,000 guns from getting on planes this year, which is like 6 guns each day.  We talk about some of the crazier items that found their way on the TSA's radar in 2014.





4. What Your Smartphone Says About You

A  new study suggests that there is a correlation between intelligence and the kind of smartphone you own.  States with the most iPhone users also had the highest percentage of college graduates.  Alaska came in at number one with Delaware on the low end.





 5. German Guy Doesn't Understand American Slang Phrases

Meet Flula.  He is a German man who doesn't understand some of America's weird phrases and slang terms and a couple of his videos are getting some serious views.  Watch below as he explains his confusion with "party pooper" and "butt hurt".






 6. Big Asteroid Passing By Earth Today

A huge asteroid will be passing by the Earth today and while you can't see it with the naked eye, you might be able to spot it with a small telescope or strong binoculars.  Look for it to be visible around 10:19am this morning.  NASA says this is the closest the asteroid will be to us for the next 200 years.





7. Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day

Today is Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day so we decided to get creative with the popular packaging product.  How do you like to pop?  Try some of these fun ways to get started!