While ice fishing may still be on hold in Minnesota for the time being, the recent cold snap and precipitation has made for some really neat scenes across the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

In Duluth, plate-like glass has formed on Lake Superior as the region reaches its final week of shipping season. Instagram account "Destination_Duluth" has been posting some incredible images of the ice up north!

Although these scenes look beautiful, it is still generally unsafe to go out onto the ice for fishing- especially with a vehicle. With temperatures expected to drop below zero for an extended period this week, the ice will come!

A report from Lyback's Ice Fishing says ice levels on Lake Mille Lacs are mostly between 5-9" with some spots not quite 5" yet!

Today we went and checked ice. With the new snow cover, (approximately  of 2″) it was much harder to check in the new ice areas of week ago, so it took more time.


We established and marked the Graveyard Road, the road to the NE side of Pope’s Reef on the deeper side, And our North Pope’s Road. Tomorrow we will be marking the Ray’s Reef road to the east side of it in the deeper water.


We encountered anywhere from as little as 5″ to as much as 9″ of ice.  I was the road stake guy today and as I was putting stakes in on what will be our roads.  4 times I drilled thru the ice in under 5″. (I set a stop at 5″ just for that purpose).  So we have a long way to go yet, and I’m hopeful that the colder weather coming this weekend will get us going next week.

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