Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers has announced that he is proposing to legalize recreational marijuana in his budget proposal. Legalization could generate $166 million in revenue, according to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. As part of the budget proposal, that money would go to rural schools and community programs.

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Currently recreational and medicinal marijuana is illegal in Wisconsin. Some neighboring states of Wisconsin have legalized marijuana in some capacity. Michigan and Illinois have legalized recreational marijuana. Minnesota has medicinal marijuana.

The majority of Wisconsinites support legalization of marijuana according to polls. In 2019 nearly 6 in 10 voters supported recreational marijuana legalization. 83% support medical marijuana.

It's unlikely that recreational marijuana will pass legislature. Democratic Governor Evers has faced Republican road blocks in previous cannabis legislation. There is some hope among advocates that this could open the door to a medical marijuana legalization effort if recreational can't pass.

If the recreational law were to pass, sales would be limited to those people 21 or older. Medical sales would be legal at age 18.  Citizens could possess 2 ounces of marijuana and six plants. Out of state residents could posses a quarter ounce. This would also change marijuana laws for those convicted of marijuana related offenses. Nonviolent offenders could try to get a reduced or revoked sentences.

The taxes would generate 165.8 million dollars in the 2022-2023 year. Money would be placed in a fund that would help rural schools and also programs that promote diversity, inclusion, and equity. There would be no taxation of medicinal marijuana if patients had a card from their doctor.

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