It usually takes a lot to shut down a Minnesota school. So when they all shut down, it's a big deal. And as you know by now, we're not talking about a couple of days here. This is a 'couple of weeks' thing -- and this is happening worldwide.

So now what? Well, for those of us with older children, that can be home alone and take care themselves. I got two words for you...SPRING CLEANING!

This is a good opportunity. We can't let them think they can coast at home for the next couple of weeks just watching TV, playing video games and texting friends. This a teaching moment -- and it's a "get stuff done around the house" moment.

It will not only keep them occupied, but they will be doing something beneficial for themselves and the family because it will keep the house sanitized during a time when it really needs to be.

So use this moment to teach them they can help in this crisis by helping to make sure this virus doesn't spread, get them in the habit of being clean in general and ultimately to be responsible adults in the future.


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