The Vikings go through Offensive Coordinators like a...well, you know. They've had SEVEN Offensive Coordinators in the last decade and the next one will be #5 in five seasons.

That USUALLY means one of three things. The teams' offense is so good that they get head coaching jobs, the OC sucks at his job and needs to be replaced or they quit because of personal reasons or the organization is toxic.

I don't think that last one is the case but I can't say for certain. The second reason is definitely not it. So it's probably the first reason. But that doesn't seem right either.

Whatever the reason, the next OC will be the third for Kirk Cousins in as many years since he's been a Minnesota Viking. That's usually not good for any team to change a major position that often.

But it might not be that bad, depending on what happens next. Here are a few possible options.

  1. Gary Kubiak Takes Over: That is the best possible outcome. It's a "no harm, no foul" situation and Coach Zimmer has said that Kubiak was the best hire the team has made since he became the head coach. The question is, would he do it? A major reason Kubiak is no longer an NFL head coach is health issues. So, if the grind of the day-to-day responsibilities, and all the traveling that goes with it, is to much, you can cross that off option off.
  2. Pat Shurmur Comes Back: This has been brought up from Vikings fans lately. It's a decent option. He did have success here and now that he's out as the Giants head coach, he might want to come back. (UPDATE: Shurmur to Broncos)
  3. Klint Kubiak: Quarterbacks coach and Gary Kubiak's son. Not sure about his overall experience but he would still have his dad guiding him. I don't really think that's what this team should be doing at this point but it's an option that would keep the offense familiar.
  4. Someone New Entirely: This is the thing that we probably don't want. As mentioned earlier, it would be yet another OC for Cousins and another game plan to learn.
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