In 2016, Vy Tran's neighbor was gunned down in an attempted robbery. Tran was so worried about her brother and mother that she searched the internet for bulletproof apparel and could not find anything for women or children within her price range.

It's really sad that things have come to this. Gun violence is something I never had to think about much less fear when I was growing up.

Anyway, Tran has a background in material science, so she prototyped designs and sent them off for testing. When her designs met requirements of the National Institute of Justice, she formed her company Wonder Hoodie and began marketing hoodies, jean jackets, a vest and other products strong enough to stop a 44 magnum at close range.


These items start at $450 and Tran says there is ,sadly, a market for her products. She says kids sizes are especially heartbreaking and she wishes she didn't have to sell them at all. But the demand is there.

Armor can be zipped out so the apparel can be laundered. The armor is made of Kevlar XP and is rated 3A, the highest level of protection in soft body armor.

Tran says for every 10 sold, she will donate one to a public school teacher.

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