I don't always bring my lunch, but sometime some snacks are involved.  And especially this time of year, something cool to eat later in the day is nice.  Go to the work fridge and open it up and get hit with this horrible foul smell.  What the heck died in there????

Laura Bradshaw  1037theloon.com

It's hard to tell since people bring their "whatever" in grocery bags.  Just shove the thing in there and leave it for eternity.  Mind you, eternity here isn't really that long.  Our fridge here is cleaned out at least once a month.  The fridge "purge" so to speak.  So, what could have been that gross that it already smells up the entire break room with a quick open and close of the refrigerator door?

When you bring something into work, especially dairy... which is what I'm guessing said gross and stinking thing is, eat it or throw it out!  Maybe there should be an alarm on a refrigerator door.  Like you enter in a date and when that thing goes off you make the decision to eat or throw out.

Work fridge is the WORST!  But I'm glad we have one.  Let's just keep it clean, huh?

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