For a lot of workers, the home office has pretty much been your place of work for the past year. For some, it's the best of both worlds and for others it's proved to be not such a great situation.  The main complaint about working from home is focus and constant distractions.

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For many though, it's been very productive and there is no real reason for returning to the office atmosphere. Many are thriving working from home and wouldn't want it any other way. Really, if working from home is getting the job done, why change it?

I mean, it's been a year for some people and they are pretty much settled in and happily doing their job without being at the office. So why go back to the old way?  I think a lot of companies are seeing that they can reduce their office space and let people work remotely.

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A recent survey found that a good number of Minnesota workers are not looking forward to being called back into work. A good number of those workers like working remotely and are not willing to let go of that option.

In fact, one third of people working remotely actually said the would quit if forced to return to the old ways. 39% said they'd even take a pay cut to continue working remotely.

Fifty-one percent think every company should give them the option of, at least, working some of the time remotely.

Would you prefer to stay working remotely or would you consider returning to the office?  Would you actually quit if required to come back?

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