With so many people working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, some are not exactly looking forward to returning to their regular work setting.

Japan Imposes State Of Emergency To Contain Coronavirus Outbreak
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After this crisis ends, will employers continue to let their employees work from home?  Some speculate that it may be the new norm for some jobs.

One thousand people, who had never worked from home prior to the pandemic, were surveyed on whether or not they would like to continue working from home. A majority of those surveyed, want to keep working from home. 57% to be exact.


48% thought they were more productive working from home and a mere 29% said they were less productive. It takes a certain mindset to not be distracted at home.

76% of people are using video conferencing apps on a daily basis.

The biggest concern of at home workers was that they missed having an IT person nearby to maintain their equipment.

If allowed to, would you continue working from home?


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