As an aspiring singer, I’ve faced my fair share of difficulties attempting to attain a proficient level of vocal skill.

I’ve been a musician since the age of 11 when I started playing alto saxophone in my school’s band program, and from there I quickly developed an interest in writing, recording, and performing original rock music.

Guitar, drums, bass, and piano came rather easily to me (I can thank my musical parents for passing their genes on to me) but there was one thing I really struggled with – singing. As an ego maniac, I refuse to let anyone else sing my songs, which of course means I have to sing them myself.

Being that rock music is so aggressive, I’ve blown my throat out on numerous occasions. I recently decided to get my chronic throat pain medically treated, and along with getting physical therapy and rehabilitation I was also prescribed “muscle relaxers.”

Now these supposed “muscle relaxers” do work incredibly well for keeping my throat muscles loose, but I swear, these things are more like horse tranquilizers. It takes an absolute miracle for me to rip myself from my bed in the morning and my ability to focus has completely dissipated.

Along with my typical 10 – 6 work shift, I’m also in the process of getting moved in to a new home. Typically, this wouldn’t be a big deal, but my horse tranquilizers make it pretty tough.

So, what’s it like working under the influence of horse tranquilizers? It’s pretty darn rough. It’s not a fun buzz, I feel like a zombie and my brain is complete garbage. In short, stay in school and don’t do horse tranquilizers kids.

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