When you live in Minnesota, you know that the weather has a variety of everything.  The only things we don't have to worry about is a hurricane or a tsunami.  Other than that, we can get just about any other sort of weather related disaster.  But we also get some great weather.  What's the old saying; 'if you don't like the weather, just wait 5 minutes, it will change'.

It's true.  But if people haven't been to Minnesota for any length of time, or never, they might not know that we have extreme heat and humidity and also the frigid sub-zero temperatures that can last for an extended period of time.  The only thing that people not familiar with Minnesota hear about is the latter.  The cold.  That always makes the news.  But as we know, that heat and humidity is much like some of the southern states like Florida, Georgia and Alabama.  It gets hot.

I ran across this list of the cities in America with the worst weather.  I thought for sure that a Minnesota city would be towards the top of the list.  As I was scrolling through, that was not the case.

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This list was put together by travel.alot.com.  Minnesota, actually Minneapolis, is behind so many other cities.  A couple of the surprising ones are the cities in Arizona.  One is Flagstaff.  That's because of the crazy snow and freezing temperatures that they can get at the same time as cities like Phoenix are experiencing extreme heat.

Minneapolis came in with the description of extremes and unpredictability.  Just like what was mentioned.  Floods, snow, drought, heat, humidity, etc.  We get it all.

The summers are incredibly hot, with many days reaching 90+ degrees. Then the winters are super cold, with December, January, and February regularly below zero. Just to put it in perspective, the summers are like that of Florida while the winters are as cold as Alaska.

Buffalo, New York was on the list as having horrible weather because of their lake affect snowfall. Remember last year?  They got like 5 feet of snow in a few hours from one storm.  That is crazy!

As much as I complain about having to shovel and/or drive in snow and slippery conditions, it could be worse.

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