I'm pretty fascinated with technology when it comes to drones, and I totally think that it would be a great technological treat to add to our St. Cloud fireworks display next year. Just take a look at the video from Dollywood, at their fireworks and drone combo celebration, and listen to the reaction from the crowd.

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Many of us have trouble with change, but what if that change was for the better?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, fireworks caused approximately 19,000 reported fires in the year 2018. With many states constantly fighting fires, I could see why finding an alternative to fireworks would be a great option, and many states are doing just that. One of those options has been drone shows instead of fireworks.

Getty Images/Rob Pinney / Stringer
Getty Images/Rob Pinney / Stringer

Even for those states that may NOT have a high fire risk, there still might be some great reasons for having a drone display. HIREUAVPRO.COM is one company that says they have had hundreds of requests due to fire bans. Their light shows fill up the entire nighttime sky with hundreds of drones, depending on what is requested, up about 400 feet and spreading out as far as they can in an area.

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With fireworks costing more and more, are drones more affordable options? They can be. As technology and programs are being created so show creators don't have to spend hours and hours creating code, a fleet of 50 drones can put on quite a display. You could have a show that costs $20,000, $50,000, or maybe less?

Would you be interested in seeing a drone show? I would. I am not against having a combination of fireworks and drones. Drone shows can create so many more unique designs in the sky, it would be fun to see it.


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