A recent survey polled 100,000 people and asked them "Would you eat this for a billion dollars?  Here are some of the entree's and participant responses.

Would you eat an entire rotten chicken?  27% said they would.

Would you drink a gallon of water from a just flushed toilet?  44% were willing.

Would you eat a large bowl of toe nail clippings?  27% said, yep.

Would you eat a cupcake made of earwax?  10% said okay.  I thought that one would be higher.


Drink a gallon of blood?  A scary 39% said yes.

Would you eat a very large live rat?  Okay, I gagged a little. A mere 7% said they would.

A foot long sandwich full of cockroaches?  I would but only 20% of those polled said yes.

A gallon of milk that expired a year ago?  For a billion dollars, only 18% said yes.

Last and certainly the most disturbing. Would you eat your pet for a billion dollars?  Wow, 13% said they would. Not sure I want to live on this planet anymore.


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