If you happen to be in the Las Vegas area and tire of the bright lights and typical Vegas action, maybe a night in the haunted Clown Motel will spice things up.  Located in the outskirts, next to a graveyard, it's the perfect spot for a scary getaway.

Resembling a circus attraction, this creepy motel resembles one of those horror movies. Looking past the overall creepiness of the place, it's actually pretty similar to your average middle of nowhere cheap roadside motel, except it's haunted.


And the creepy clown pictures that hang in the rooms is a nice touch. If you are into scary stuff or maybe just have a little paranormal bug, you should check it out. The graveyard next door is filled with miners that died in a fire and victims of a mystery plague in 1902.

Check out the video these guys put together. I's pretty interesting.

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