There's a couple in Seattle that came up with the great idea of a food truck for dogs.  That's right, dogs.  The Barkery, what a great idea. If you know me, I have a huge soft  for dogs and anything that makes a dog happy, I'm all for it.

This couple, bought an old food truck and had it converted to sell dog treats and meals. Once they got all the necessary permits and the truck all outfitted, they hit the streets. they even named their food truck Buster.


They said they get two reactions to the truck. Mostly from humans who are confused to just what they are selling. They say nine times out of ten, the dogs figure it out first with their noses in the air.

The food truck, Buster, features strawberry ice pops, peanut butter pumpkin pretzels, bacon cupcakes and even duck. They do have a few items for dog owners but the emphasis is, for sure, on the dogs' tastes.

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