WWE Superstar Chris Jericho is hanging up the tights to hit the road on tour with his band Fozzy.

The one time undisputed WWE/Heavyweight Champion is leaving the World of Wrestling on August 14th,2012 to go on the road with the "Uproar" tour.

The Band Fozzy has a new album titled, "Sin and Bones" and they are itching to hit the stage and sell their music, which appears to be Chris's first love.

As quoted in an interview with iconvsicon.com

"I came back to the WWE and as of August 14, 2012, when the new album "Sin and Bones" comes out, we go on the road with the Uproar Tour. At that time, I am done with the WWE and it is full-time with Fozzy until the album cycle and touring is done," he states during an interview promoting the album," Chris Jericho.

Fozzy is an American heavy metal/hard rock band, formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999. The lead singer is Chris Jericho and resides in Florida and the majority of the band reside in Georgia. Jericho and one of metals prolific guitarists Rich Ward formed the band in 1999.

Chris is very busy with basically three careers, music,wrestling and writing a third autobiography.

Chris was also to appear at WWE's Summer Slam Pay Per View event coming up in August but he is leaving five days before that. "Sandpaper" is the first release off the new album and it features M. Shadows form Avenged Sevenfold.