A floating hotel, based on the Beatles 1966 song and 1968 film, ‘Yellow Submarine,’ has opened in the Fab Four’s hometown of Liverpool. The hotel aboard an 80-foot submarine, or ‘narrowboat,’ opened this weekend on Albert Dock in the famed city. The vessel, which can accommodate up to eight people, is the brainchild of an eccentric businessman named Alfie Bubbles, according to the Daily Mail.

The hotel includes three bedrooms and a lounge with the going rate set at £149 – £350 a night. That’s somewhere between $230 and $550. The lounge area is done up in the style of the film with very Peter Max-ian decor. The narrowboat once belonged to Paramount Studios, and, for some reason, also contains a scooter used in the Who film ‘Quadrophenia.’

The sub, however, is not totally retro as all guest rooms on board have 3D televisions, WiFi and computers. Mr. Bubbles, who also owns Hollywood Limousines, hopes to complete an entire fleet of floating hotels he will design himself – including ‘Titanic’ and ‘Black Pearl’-themed vessels. “It will all be from my crazy head!” said Bubbles.

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