There are some true deals and discounts if you are planning to go to the state fair.  It covers just about everyone... depending on the day.


Here are the days and what discount or deal you can get:

Thrifty Thursday (Aug. 22)

Seniors & Kids Day (Monday, Aug. 26)

Military Appreciation Day (Tuesday, Aug. 27)

Read & Ride Day (Wednesday, Aug. 28)

Seniors Day (Thursday, Aug. 29)

Kids & Last Chance Day (Monday, Sept. 2)

So basically if you are a random person, and you miss the first day of the fair (today) you can go on Labor Day and get some discounted or "last chance" tickets too.

Any way that you go, if you do pay regular admission prices, there are a ton of things that are included with your admission prices including some shows, music events and exhibits.  It's the great Minnesota get-together.  Have a great time... and the weather doesn't look too bad, either.




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