Not using clean masks can actually be not so good for your health and buying new masks constantly is not good for you pocketbook.  So, here is a way to re-use your masks while saving money and protecting your health.

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Recently, the Department of Homeland Security put out a video on how to clean you N95 mask using your Insta-Pot. However, it has to be a model that has "sous vide" function.  If you own an older model, it may not have this feature. If your pot has a mode that will keep the temperature at exactly 149 degrees, that's what you need.

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Here's what you do to clean your mask;

In the bottom of the pot put one half inch of water.

Insert the steaming rack

Place the mask inside a paper lunch bag. Fold the bag shut and staple it. You can put up to three masks in the bag at one time.

Place the stapled bag containing your masks on the steamer rack inside the Insta-Pot. Then select the mode that enable s you to set the pot at exactly 149 degrees.

Set the Insta-Pot at 149 degrees for 30 minutes. Hit the START button.

After 30 minutes, take the masks out of the lunch bag and allow them to dry for an hour.

Your masks should be sterilized and ready to use again.

I've added a video to take you through this procedure step by step.



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