Def Leppard's iconic Hysteria album was my introduction to the band. Even though On Through the Night would eventually become my personal favorite Lep album, I'll always have a soft spot for Hysteria. I didn't know about the tragedy around the album; specifically, drummer Rick Allen's car crash that would soon leave him without his left arm.

Of course, he kept calm and carried on.

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Pictured: carrying on like a boss (Getty Images For The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame)

Allen re-learned how to play drums. He played his left-handed drum parts with his left foot, and incorporated electronic drums into his setup.

And now, you could own THE drum set Rick Allen used to make his triumphant return to the stage!

This Simmons electronic drum kit is absolute rock history. The pads and pedals have been tested and work, the module (i.e. the brain of an electronic kit) powers up but hasn't been fully-tested. A Certificate of Authenticity - signed by Rick Allen - is included. And it can be yours for just $30,995 + $600 shipping!!!

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If you want to go crazy (Hysteria-cal, if you will), the same seller is also offering up Rick Allen's electronic drum kits from the 1992 Adrenalize tour and the 1999 Euphoria tour for $29,995 and $22,995 (what a bargain!), respectively.

If you don't want to personally own any of these kits, but would like to buy and donate them to a local classic rock radio jock with a dirty on-air name...I know a guy.


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