Yes, for the right price, this thing could be yours.  Hey- it's got everything you need.  And it's rockstar approved!

Stephen Lovekin, Getty Images

Check out these amenities:

Inside you'll find a bedroom with a king-size sleep number bed, two bathrooms (one in the front and another in the rear that has a shower), a full kitchen with a pull-out counter and a refrigerator with an ice maker, washer and dryer, propane fireplace, heated floors, sectional sofa, closet and cargo space, new carpet, electric grill, five televisions including one that's part of an exterior entertainment center, electric shades, four slide-outs, home theater sound system, keyless entry with a touch pad and a GPS system with an in-motion satellite.

Honestly- if you were planning on purchasing a big ol' RV- you can certainly do that.  There is the Pleasureland RV and camper sale going on this very weekend at River's Edge Convention Center.  Or... you could get this beauty.

Check out the inside...

I love the fact that it has that outdoor entertainment center.  That's cool. But 5 TVs?  What would you need that many for?  Hmm..

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