Mornings are tough on most of us and anything that makes it easier to adjust to being conscious and ready to tackle another day would be a good thing, right?

Every weekday morning from 6 to 10, Baxter's Morning Sideshow with Laura and sports guy Dave Overlund does it's very best to make your transition into the real world as smooth as possible.


We all need a few good laughs in the morning. Bundle that with the best rock every recorded, local news, national headlines, entertainment news, Baxter's Disturbed Theater, Stand Up Comedy Spotlight and just a whole lot of fun in the morning.

So, be sure to join us in the morning on the Loon and tell a friend to give us a try. The more the merrier, (we're kinky like that). We truly appreciate all the support you all have given us and we will continue to rock your mornings because you rock ours.

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