I get that we are all probably pretty stressed at times.  And especially when we are travelling.  Trying to remember everything... boarding pass, passport, luggage, making sure that everything is packed.  You might forget something like... a toothbrush?  But forgetting your BABY????  C'mon!  I think there really needs to be some life re-evaluation here.

The Saudia plane had been due to fly from Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, but had to return to the King Abdul Aziz International Airport when the forgetful mother demanded she be reunited with her child.


This is just one of those stories that I don't understand.  Kind of like when a child is left in the hot car... how do you do that?  I guess I can actually see how that could happen being how busy everyone has been lately.  But it's something that we, as a society need to look at and if you are THAT busy, that you don't remember your children, something is up.


What's the worst thing you've forgotten while travelling?

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