It was a damn good October for the quarterback that some fans have viewed as overpaid and could have got someone better for the money. Kirk Cousins racked up 1,261 yards passing (78.4 percent pass completion), 10 touchdowns and 1 interception last month for a rating of 137.1.

That's some pretty good numbers. Sure, it wasn't necessarily against top teams in the league but it was what he should have done and what many Vikings fans expected when we signed him. But there are quite a few fans that thought signing him was a mistake.The Vikings did pay him A LOT of money.

When you go back and look at the situation, it made sense to me. Kirk Cousins was the best quarterback available at the time. And the Vikings did what they needed... and had to do. And they paid big money to do it.

I know many fans wanted to roll with Case Keenum but I felt that 2017 was one of those magical seasons where everything fell into place that year. I also felt that it was probably the best we were going to get out of him. It did take the "Minneapolis Miracle" to even advance into to the NFC Championship game that year.

In the end we got what we got. We can only hope it works out. If the offensive line blocks well, Cook continues to be awesome, Thielen/Diggs do their thing and the defense is top five in the league, it should...hopefully...all work out.

Congratulations to Kirk Cousins! SKOL!


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