This is like the best thing ever.  One of the reasons I get annoyed driving to MOA for any reason is the time it takes to find a parking space.  UGH!  There's like a million levels on all sides of the mall.  Try and remember the state, or animal, or whatever section you parked in along with the level, and the entrance you walked in.  I feel like I need something like a mall GPS!

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Here is the newest thing.  An app that you have where you can reserve a space ahead of time.  It will cost you, but the cost is minimal considering the convenience it can bring.  AND the spaces are limited... of course.  There are only like 20 of them.  And people are already reserving theirs for days like Black Friday.


Now, that's planning ahead!  I think this is a great idea, and it should be expanded.  Like an entire floor or part of the ramp for this.  It costs like $6 initially and $3 for every hour after that... up to a certain price.  I say it's well worth the cost.