With only 21 days until the midterm elections it's time you made up your mind to vote.

vote 2

Did you know that the majority of voters are over 55 years old. That doesn't spell change to me.

We all tend to bitch a little about one thing or another but what can you do to try change it?  Voting would be a good start.  Voters 18 to 55 need to get out and make their voices heard. Same old voters means you are going to end up with the same old thing.

I realize it's hard to know exactly any one candidate can or will do.  With all the negative campaigning it's hard to filter out all the bullsh*t.  i wish they would just say what they want to accomplish and how they are going to do it all. That's not too much to ask, is it?

I really want to know how a politician is going to make his or her promises a reality. Anyone can say, "Hey, if I'm elected I'll cure cancer". Boy, that sounds great but, gee, Mr or Miss Politician Person, just how are you going to accomplish this?

So, I guess my message here is, if you want change, do your research. Whatever you do, don't believe what you hear from these people. Breaking news, politicians lie.

You want change? Then vote.

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