Reading, dating, communicating, shopping have all been changed due to modern technology. On a scarier note, it's also changing the skulls of phone users, especially younger people.

Biomechanics research has found a disturbing thing happening to the skulls of phone users. Young people are growing horn-like bone spurs at the base of their skulls. These bone spurs are caused by the forward tilt of the head.


This tilt shifts the weight from a person's spine to the muscles in the back of the head. This causes bone growth in the connecting tendons and ligaments. This results in a hornlike thing jutting out from the skull.

All this is believed to be caused by the shifting of body posture while leaning forward to read tiny screens on smartphones. Health experts warn this can lead to "text neck". Doctors are already treating "text thumb" which is very similar to carpal tunnel syndrome.

(Washington Post)

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