Have you ever wondered how people get on these "Home Remodeling" TV shows, where they get all these amazing things done to their home? The process is fairly easy!

If you're like me, you're completely obsessed with binge watching these types of shows and can't get enough of them. I think they shouldn't be allowed to air late at night, as they are addicting and before I know it the clock says 2am! On the flip-side of that, have you ever realized what it takes to actually have your project featured on one of these shows? The process is easier than you may realize.

The TV networks have the process down to a science, and most of them work the same way. Since we live in Minnesota, our window of opportunity is very narrow since we have cold weather for so long. Many of these shows plan far ahead, so if you can wait to get your project done then your chances are much better. Personally, if I want to remodel my bathroom, I want to do it pretty soon.

So what's the process to apply to be on these types of shows? Here's what I've done a few times:

  1. Go to the network's website of the show that you're interested in.
    The networks own these shows, or at least handle the harvesting of the applications. Start at the source.
  2. Choose the show, then find the link to 'apply to be on the show'.
    Each show is slightly different in what they do and how they do it. They are similar in many ways though, at least with making it easy to apply.
  3. Read the stipulations for being on the show.
    Again, we live in Minnesota, so the pickings may be slim. Most of these shows tell you what area of the country they're looking to take on a project during the months of the year. Their stipulations can be fairly specific as well. If you don't fit most of them then don't waste your time as you're likely to not be considered.
  4. Have project details and photos of the project you're applying for.
    They ALL want this. Don't start the application without a clear set of photos of what you'd like remodeled. They also want to feel for you, so put your heart into the description of why it needs to be done.
  5. Don't be too picky with what you want it to look like after it's completed.
    Keep in mind they are filming a TV show that's awesome to watch. They don't want to deal with a nit-picking twit who doesn't have an open mind about what their professional team could do beyond your wildest dreams. Let them know you're fully open to their ideas!

Now for the fun part. Here's the list of networks that allow you to apply to be on their shows:

Be sure to share this information with somebody you know who's always wanted a dream room in their home. If you know somebody who's actually been on one of these shows, let us know. We'd love to know how they did it, and what their experience was!

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