When you go get your free beer from Coborn's Liquor this weekend, consider these beers based on their 'burp factor'!

We're giving away free beer all day today on 103.7 The Loon. It's going to be a warm and wet weekend, perfect for drinking beer. What goes along with beer? Great belching of course. According to VoucherCloud, here's the best beers to get the best burps from...

  1. Budweiser
  2. Stella and Coors Light (tie)
  3. Corona
  4. Bud Light
  5. Heineken
  6. Pilsner Urquell
  7. Foster's
  8. Sam Adams
  9. Beck's
  10. Kronenbourg

If you're like me, and not all about the bloat and burp, drink a Peroni or IPA beer. They have the least 'burp factor'. Another thing that helps keep the burps away is keeping your beer cold. If your beer gets too warm the CO-2 releases faster, which is the cause for burps and bloating.

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