My mama said my Catholic elementary School education would serve make me a better person. In my case that was entirely erroneous. But in the case of 19 year-old Alex Stolt, it was spot on.

A 2013 graduate of Cathedral High School, Stolt was driving down Highway 15 in the wee hours of the morning Thursday, when he spotted smoke coming from a Northside residential neighborhood. He called 911 immediately and drove to the scene. He was the first to arrive, but was soon joined by others.


One door was on fire, and the front porch door was screwed shut.  Stolt says they cut the window screen and crawled in through the window.  They then kicked the door down and helped a woman inside get out safely, along with her dog.

The garage was a total loss, and there was damage to the home, a vehicle and a boat in the driveway.  Estimates put the damage at near $30,000.

My estimate puts Alex and the other folks on the scene in the HEROES category.