Ever been called an "Almost-Canadian"? I have. I've been to concerts at the Target Center where the band greeted the crowd with "Hello, almost-Canada!"

Harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrdy har har!

Here's a cold-weather joke I bet you've never heard!   (Getty Images)

In all honesty, there probably are similarities between Canadians and Minnesotans. How many of these Canadian slang words do you regularly use?


Loonie: the Canadian one-dollar coin. A definite no.

Two-Four: A case of twenty-four beers. Nope, but I like it!

Toque (pronounced "tuke"): A knit hat usually worn in winter. I have heard Minnesotans say this.

Pop: a sweetened carbonated beverage. Yyyyyyyep (unless you're one of those weirdos that call it "soda").

Hammered: very drunk. Absolutely. Quite often.



Of course, we both love hockey, too. So being "Almost-Canadian" isn't such a bad thing!


H/T: Knowable.com