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'Brothers and Sisters' the first # 1 album for the Allman Brothers Band and it was their fifth studio album.

'Brothers and Sisters' LP. Wikipedia

A great album with a sad story that was released in 1973 a year after Berry Oakley (co-founder) was killed in a motorcycle accident (1972). Oddly enough Duane Allman (co-founder) died in a motorcycle accident a year prior (1971) to Oakley just a few blocks down the road from Oakley's accident.

Most of the tracks on the album were to long for radio play for that time frame. The single "Ramblin' Man"managed to chart at # 2.

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Original LP Track List:

  1. "Wasted Words"
  2. "Ramblin' Man"
  3. "Come and Go Blues"
  4. "Jelly Jelly"

Side 2

  1. "Southbound"
  2. "Jessica"
  3. "Pony Boy"

Released in the U.S. August 1973 and charted at # 1.

Happy 40th anniversary as we revisit 1973 with some great classic rock.

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Allman Brothers performing "Ramblin' Man":