Santana, YouTube

I would have to say Santana was one of the fastest growing household names after Woodstock then any other band, with the direction of Carlos Santana and the vast array of personnel, Santana was a solid performer.

Greg Rollie (vocals/keyboards) left to be a part of Journey as an original member in 1973. Greg continues with the Greg Rollie Band with an occasional tour.

Michael Shrieve (drums) happened to be the youngest (20 years) of all Woodstock performers has worked with numerous other rock bands. Today has his own jazz fusion band.

David Brown (bass) passed away of liver and kidney failure in 2000, he was 50 years of age. He was also inducted into the Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as a member Santana.

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Santana performing at Woodstock ('69), "Evil Ways":