There isn't a single person who reads this story that hasn't seen at least one episode of American Bandstand. I'd bet my bosses Ferrari on it. Words like "institution" and "legendary" easily describe the show we all watched to get a glimpse of the artists and see our fellow teens dance. That all came to a close when on this date in 1989, Dick Clark announced he was ending his run on American Bandstand. The show began in 1952 and it wasn't until 1956 that Clark took over. More than 65,000 records were played on the TV show, more than 10,000 guests appeared, and over 600,000 teenagers twisted, boogied and moonwalked and made us jealous. Tonight's Feature Video is from 1984 when Bon Jovi made their first appearance with Dick. They sang "Runaway", then had the typical on-stage interview, then did "She Don't Know Me". Check out the Boys from Jersey and their attempt at lip-syching in this classic clip.