On the List of Thankless Jobs, "snowplow driver" definitely shows up. They make the roads as driveable as possible, and yet we complain that they're in the way. Just this morning, I got caught behind a street gang of snowplow drivers that dared to clear the road off before *most people* are awake and driving to work. *I* had to take a detour, and thus was a minute later to the station than usual.

First World Problems.

Snowplows are necessary, much like wearing pants in public. A snowplow driver shared 9 things that we should know when the inevitable blizzard blows through.




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1) Snowplow drivers have prepped for months

No, they're not sitting on their asses like morning show jocks until the snowpocalypse strikes. Their season starts in August, when maintenance and upkeep takes place to make sure everything works when the big flakes fly.




Tell the kids I love them, then show them a picture of me so they remember who I am... (Getty Images)

2) They work ridiculous hours

Even more ridiculous than mine, where I wake up at 3 to crawl 60 miles and bark at a microphone. Snowplow drivers often start at midnight or earlier...even the day before, depending on the storm moving through.





Don't worry, I'll just plow around you! (Getty Images)

3) You're making their jobs more difficult by being there

When I came upon the aforementioned street gang of snowplowers, I noticed that they were slowing down to a crawl (and taking up both lanes). As I turned off, I realized what they were doing: they were trying to get out of my way.



Don't mind if I do! (Getty Images)

4) Unless you REALLY HAVE TO, don't drive

Are you a doctor? Nurse? Firefighter? Cop? Politician (kidding)? Then (carefully) go for it. Snowplow crews work especially hard to clear the way for emergency professionals to get to where they're needed. Just a radio DJ? Go back to bed.






My dignity's in here, I swear... (Getty Images)

5) If you lose something really important in the snow (keys, wallets, a kid, etc.), they're the ones you want to help you find it

They know snow. Be kind, and they just might help you find your lost cargo (losing kids is very bad, by the way).




We get in EVERYBODY'S way, so chill. (Getty Images)

6) They do care about making their routes fair...

You're probably not first on the route, you may be last, but do know that they'll get to you. Freaking out won't help. Go back inside and take a nap, crankypants.






All you need is love! And patience... (Getty Images)

7) ...unless you're banging the driver, then you're SOL

You'll never be soon enough, so just chill.







No need to get medieval (Getty Images)

8) Don't try to throw down with the snowplow driver

They drive a giant self-defense truck. Again, chill.







Tis but a dusting!! (Alex Wong, Getty Images)

9) They have families that want them to get home safely

Snowplow drivers are human, too. Even if they drive in often-inhuman conditions.





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