So just like with everything else there was a survey done asking whether or not married men think their mother-in-law was attractive.  You may be surprised at the results.  

Apparently this survey found that over 80% of married men get along well with their mother-in-law.  To me that's nothing to write home about.  As a married guy myself, if I didn't get along with mine I would be SOL, so it only makes sense to get along with her.

Now this next number I'm not so sure of.  This survey found that 50% of married men found their mother-in-law attractive.  OK, I can kind of see that but, just knowing she's your in-law makes it weird to think she's good looking.

This survey also showed that 25% of married dudes have a crush on their mother-in-law and 17% actually thing they're hotter than their wife.  You probably don't want to reveal that one though.....

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