There appears to be some beer myths that won' go away. If you want to be an expert on a subject beer's not a bad choice by any means.Let's get educated shall we? The following are three beer myths that might help in knowing different beers. Like me, I enjoy trying different beers but helping understand beer a little better might make a big difference.

  • Judging a beer by it's color - Dark beer isn't necessarily "heavier", higher in calories or higher in alcohol. Really the only thing you can take for granted in dark beer is that it's probably made with darker malts and have a roasted flavor more so than a lighter beer.
  • Warm beer - Watered down domestic beer may be the ticket for a satisfying ice cold beer but there are actually different temperature ranges for every style of beer, so warm beer isn't necessarily bad beer.
  • The beer ads - Some ads tell us that "tripled hop beer" and "cold filtered" are simply a joke for one, all beers are triple hop brewed and cold filtered. They might as well tell us that all beer is made out of water.

Those are three good myths for you to be the judge of different beers, so don't let them fool you. For more on some myths about beer watch the short video. Who's thirsty?