You may hate the fact that daylight saving time in Minnesota is done now, but there are some major benefits to having light for just a few hours of the day now!

No need to mow the lawn or rake the leaves up after 1 last time.


There's not enough sun this part of the year to give the trees and lawn enough energy to sustain what it grows earlier in the year. Cheers to low photosynthesis.

You have a reason to dust off that blue/white LED light device.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Because time has been arranged to be dark when most of us go to work and return home, a lot of people develop something called seasonal affective disorder. The blue or white light from this unit allows the mind to feel like there's more sunlight than there actually is, helping the brain feel more happy.

You can pick your nose on the way to work, and back, without getting caught.

Keystone/Getty Images

This is no joke. There's nothing worse than having that annoying bugar screwing up your amazing voice that is pitch perfect with the actual song (sigh). While it's light out it's difficult to hide from people looking over seeing you dig out a boogey that you can roll for the rest of your ride home. If you don't do this then you obviously aren't from Minnesota.

Finally, you get your kids back to yourself in the house earlier.


When summer is here and daylight saving time is in effect, you start to miss your kids. All they want to do is play outside because it's light out and toasty warm. As the winter months approach, parents can let out a sigh of relief that their kids are safe at home, inside, where the whole family can be close again for 6 full months.

If only we could have this year round...