Though Jon Bon Jovi and Bono are powerful, they're not the most powerful. So, who topped the list? 

Billboard's new Power List takes a look at the 100 most influential and powerful people in the music industry and there's no doubt that U2 was going to make the list. They do so much non-profit work and they're one of the best bands in the world (in my humble opinion) but the group was not number one. U2 came in at number 27.

Jon Bon Jovi with his awesome hair, good looks, acting ability and rocking sing along songs that take us back to make out parties, pinned pants and big hair is also no surprise. He came in at number 50.

Number one on the list is Live Nation Chairman Irving Azoff. Probably because he runs the number one ticket outlet and he has also managed the likes of Journey, REO Speedwagon and Van Halen.

You can see the whole list HERE.