Book your tickets to Sussex now as the University there is set to host a summer class and get in on the discussion about Quadrophenia.

Why weren't these types of classes offered when I was in school?

The University of Sussex is set to host a two day discussion about the cultural significance of The Who's Quadrophenia.

Professors and students will be examining the context as well as diving into the album’s portrayal of child psychology.

Pam Thurschwell of the university’s Centre for Modernist Studies told Rolling Stone Magazine that the school is doing this because the album is a "classic work about adolescent alienation" and compared it to Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger. She also says that the school is looking to broaden its horizons with the subject matter they cover.

Pete Townshend was asked to be a part of the discussion, but he declined. He did, however, give his blessing for the study via email. Director Franc Roddam, who was in charge of the 1979 film adaptation of Quadrophenia is scheduled to be on hand.

Classes take place July 10 & 11.