It common knowledge that Sci-Fi movies DON'T EVER win Oscars when it comes to the Big Five. They are rarely even nominated for those categories which Academy members hold most dear.

However, because of the massive impact the original Star Wars movie had on movie audiences and the business as a whole, the Academy was forced into acknowledging it somehow, so they created the Best Visual Effects category, which of course Star Wars swept in the first presentation of the award. The category had been in existence in various forms since 1938, and was awarded truly at the 'whim' of the Academy.

In watching the montage, you see the amazing transformation and innovation of effects through the years, up to 2013, where you get a glimpse of the current nominees. It's clear that the use of visual effects in the movies nowadays has moved far beyond the usual sci-fi genre, case in point; Forest Gump, Titanic, Gladiator, Benjamin Button and Babe. So sit back, make it full-screen and watch as the movies that spurred our imagination as both kids and adults, explode, careen, and float seamlessly by in one bad-ass time-traveling sequence.