After watching Saturday night's Vikings preseason game against Arizona, and the first game against Oakland -- Matt Cassel has left me impressed, and so has rookie Teddy Bridgewater. While happy, I'm not really surprised. It could play out to be a dream scenario.

Best case? Teddy Bridgewater's last minute drive Saturday night to put the Vikes ahead of the Cardinals for good, is a picture of who he is, who he will be, and what he can and will do wearing purple.

Furthermore, I hope Matt Cassel's performance during the first two games reinforces who he was at his best last season -- and a glimpse of who he will be this season; making Teddy Bridgewater irrelevant in 2014 -- allowing Bridgewater to grow, mature, and improve -- setting up a long and successful career under center for the Vikings.

Dream big. Skol!