This Poor Lottery Non- Winner
You have this poor soul... this person matched a couple of the numbers, then was just ONE number off from the rest of the numbers.
Did You Get a Raise and/or Bonus After the Trump Tax Cut?
Not getting political. Just curious if this tax cut is working as promised.
The build up on the big tax cut was impressive. The claims were that the average family would see around four thousand dollars extra take home pay this year. Companies everywhere where going to shell out generous bonuses…
Do You Like Your Job?
The people that I know that are the happiest are those that chose to go into an artistic field. Many are just getting by but seem very content with their position in life.
Would You Bet On The Browns?
The Vegas odds for the Browns to win the Super Bowl are 60-1. Put even something like $100 down and you could win 6 grand.

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