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Morning Radio vs Night Owl
I used to joke about snorting instant coffee while I waited for the real stuff to brew (not recommended, just a joke)
Would You Bet On The Browns?
The Vegas odds for the Browns to win the Super Bowl are 60-1. Put even something like $100 down and you could win 6 grand.
The Best Part of Waking Up Is?
Well, that's easy! The best part of waking up is, I guess, just knowing you are still alive.. But..the 2nd best thing about waking up is, huh? Must be coffee. But, the 3rd best thing about waking up is listening to Baxter & Laura in the morning, unless you're getting lucky, then Ba…
Move the Deer Crossing Signs to Safer Spots?
The story online today about the deputy hitting a deer at 100 MPH reminded me of this call to a radio station years ago. Either this is a set up or this woman has eaten a lot of lead paint chips off the windowsill.
Baxter’s Attic: Robin Trower – “Bridge of Sighs” (Live)
Some Robin Trower in the Attic this morning. Bridge of Sighs is a bridge in Venice, Italy that crosses over to a prison. It got it's name supposedly from prisoners crossing over and sighing at their last look at beautiful Venice before being locked away in their cells...
Baxter’s Attic: Foghat – “Fool for the City” (Live)
In the Attic this morning a band that was formed when Lomesome Dave Peverett, Tony Stevens and Roger Earl all left the band Savoy Brown and formed Foghat. The band went through many lineup changes with lonesome Dave returning in the 90s. Lonesome Dave Peverett passed away in 2000 due to complication…
Baxter’s Attic: Robert Plant – “Big Log” (Live)
In the Attic this morning, we played you some Robert Plant with his first solo hit after leaving Led Zeppelin, "Big Log".  Many of Plant's lyrics were influenced by books by J.R.R. Tolkien. Big Log is a mythical term for lost love. Also, like a lot of Zeppelin songs,…

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