Emma Stone — Crush of the Day
We’ve raved about Emma Stone before, but we just can’t help ourselves. She’s one of the most crush-worthy babes in Hollywood, so we see no problem with adding the sexy ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ star to our Crush list once again.
What Will be Disney’s First Animated Marvel Movie?
When Disney bought Marvel a few years back, everyone’s imaginations went into hyperdrive. With Disney’s resources and bank account account at their disposal, surely we’d see our favorite Marvel characters brought to life in new and exciting ways. In fact, the day of the acquisition, your couldn’t br…
Katie Holmes — Crush of the Day
Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise are getting a divorce. And just like that, Katie Holmes is back on the market (*Theme from ‘Dawson’s Creek’ plays. Dawson cries. Pacey glares smugly*)!
‘Hangover 3′ to Begin Filming in Las Vegas This Summer
‘The Hangover 3′ is happening. Though ‘The Hangover, Part II’ was basically a remake of the original film and mostly disappointed critics, the sequel made a ton of money (it was the fourth highest grossing film of 2011) and WB and director Todd Phillips have been quietly planning the third and final…
Def Leppard Gives Concert on YouTube [VIDEO]
Def Leppard has been talking about doing this for about a week now and finally yesterday (Thursday) they came through. The band performed for their fans via their YouTube channel and they also took the time for a Q&A session.
The Rebirth of a Superstar — The Late Elizabeth Taylor
As amazing as it may seem, Lindsay Lohan is back to work in a big fashion, she has taken the role as the ever so beautiful yet late Elizabeth Taylor and you would never know the difference. Lindsay had to dye her hair a deep brunette shade and that with the lavender contact lens and boom: Elizabeth …
‘CBGB The Movie’ Has Its Cast
While I am wholly against the new Rock of Ages film and am personally boycotting it, there is a new film about the legengary CBGB's in the works that I will be in the seats for.
Andy Samberg Leaving ‘Saturday Night Live’ [VIDEO]
Andy Samberg and Kristen Wiig were the main reason I allowed 'Saturday Night Live' to take up precious space on my DVR, and now they are both gone from the show. Samberg confirmed the rumor on Friday, but he also managed to give us a little hope, hinting that he may not be entirely done wi…

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